Monday 16 May 2011

The cpd23 Things

Here are the Things that we will be exploring during the 23 Things for Professional Development course this summer.  There is real a mixture of stuff: some web 2.0 and/or social media gadgets and gizmos, and some  ways of developing your career by more 'traditional', less technology-focussed, means.  Throughout the programme will be emphasising how these Things can help your professional development, although you're likely to find lots of tools useful in other ways, too!

The Plan

Week 1 (20th June) - Blogging
  • Thing 1: Create your own blog, write about what you hope to get out of the programme. (If you already have a blog, then you're welcome to use that.)
  • Thing 2: Explore other blogs and get to know some of the other cpd23-ers.

Week 2 (27th June) - Online presence
  • Thing 3: Consider your personal brand

Week 3 (4th July) - Current awareness
  • Thing 4: RSS feeds, Twitter, Pushnote

Week 4 (11th July) - Reflection week
A bit of a breather to think about what we've covered so far.

Week 5 - (18th July) Online Networks / Real Life Networks
  • Thing 6: Online networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, LISNPN, LATNetwork, CILIP Communities)
  • Thing 7: National/Regional groups, Special interest groups and looking outside the library sphere

Week 6 - (25th July) Organising yourself

Week 7 - (1st August) Librarianship training options
  • Thing 10: Graduate traineeships, Masters degrees, Chartership, Accreditation
  • Thing 11: Mentoring

Week 8 - (8th August) Catch-up week / reflections
  • Thing 12: Putting the social into social media 

Week 9 - (15th August) Filesharing/Collaboration

Week 10 - (22nd August) Organising your references
  • Thing 14: Zotero / Mendeley / citeulike

Week 11 - (29th August) Getting involved
  • Thing 15: Attending, presenting at and organising seminars, conferences and other events
  • Thing 16: Advocacy, speaking up for the profession and getting published.

Week 12 - (5th September) Presenting information
  • Thing 17: Prezi / data visualisation / slideshare [postponed until Monday 19th September]
  • Thing 18: Jing / screen capture / podcasts (making and following them)

Week 13 - (12th September) Catch-up week / reflection
  • Thing 19: Some time to think about how you might integrate the Things so far into your workflow and routines.
Week 14 - (19th September) Extra catch-up week and Thing 17
Week 15 - (26th September) Careers 
  • Thing 20: Library Day in the Life and Library Routes/Roots 

Week 16 - (3rd October) Promoting yourself in job applications and at interview 
  • Thing 21: How to identify your strengths, how to capitalise on your interests, how to write something eyecatching that meets job specs. 
  • Thing 22: Volunteering to get experience 

Week 17 - (10th October) Final reflection 
  • Thing 23: What have you learnt and where do you want to go from here?

Once you've finished

There are some great guest bloggers lined up to contribute to the programme - details of those to follow soon!


  1. Wow! Great 'line up'

  2. Hi I want to register for the programme but I don't have a blog yet - how do I sign up without one?

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    You can wait to register until you do have a blog. We'll be explaining how to set one up in Thing 1, and then in Thing 2 we'll ask you to register.

    We opened registration early becuase some people were keen to sign up right away, but you don't need to have signed up to see the Things - they'll be posted publicly on the blog. Registering is just so that we have some idea who's taking part, but as I say, you can register once the programme's under way.

    Hope that makes sense,


  4. You'll know that in Week 1 of the program

  5. Thanks for the info.

  6. As a form of displacement activity, and because I was putting them into my diary anyway, I've published an iCal calendar of the programme. To subscribe follow the link: webcal://
    Should work in Google Calendar too

  7. Tom, that's great. Do you mind if I write a post about that? And how does it work if we change something - if I let you know and you change your iCal, does that feed through into subscribed Google calendars? (We may have tinkered slightly with the list and not yet updated the page here...)

  8. Another thought - maybe we should just set up our own Google Calendar that people can subscribe to. That way we can change things as we need to...

  9. Do write a post, Katie.
    Yes, if you change bits, then I'll need to alter them by hand in iCal. Subscribers would then automatically get the changed version. And yes, a perhaps more elegant and efficient way would be to set up your own Google Calendar. I and other iCal users could see that.

  10. Tom,

    I've set up the calendar, though there might be a few things to tweak yet. The calendar's at, and there should be a calendar widget on the right-hand side of the page.

    Blog post forthcoming...

  11. Week 7 on the google calendar should be Things 10 & 11.

  12. Hi stjerome,

    Good spot! I've fixed that.

  13. I am trying to import an Avatar into my blog instead of a photo but it didn't seem to work. Is this possible?

  14. Hi Angela,

    It should be possible to import any image file into your blog if it's saved as a standard format such as .jpg, .gif or .png, whether or not it's a photograph or some other sort of picture. Can you give any more detail about what you're trying to do, and I'll see if I can help. Which menu or window in Blogger are you currently trying to use, for example?


  15. I have created an avatar in Voki and now wish to place it on my Blog home page. I have looked at the Design setting and Settings and there isn't anywhere to place a widget. Can we add widgets to blogger?


  16. Hi Angela,
    I've never used Voki, what kind of file do you get at the end? Blogger calls widgers 'gadgets', so if you click into Design you should have the option to 'Add a gadget' in various parts of the page. For simple images the Picture gadget should do the job, but Voki seems to be some kind of moving image?

  17. Angela,

    Further to what Niamh's said, if Voki gives you some code to use to embed your Avatar on a site, you can paste that into the 'html/java script' gadget that you can find on the Design section of Blogger.


  18. At last I have managed to add an avatar from voki to my blog. Not helped by the fact that the code you cut from voki and paste into blogger is not complete and needs an extra line of HTML! The only reason I found this out was because I had tested it out on MOODLE our VLE and when I checked the coding an additional line of text had been added so I just cut and pasted that into Blogger and it worked. Probably a good idea to download your blogger template first in case it all goes wrong and at least you can then reinstate your original template.

  19. Angela,
    Great, well done! We can't see the results, though, as you're profile is currently private - I'd be interested to see what a Voki avatar looks like... If you want to change that, make sure 'share my profile' is ticked in the 'edit profile' page on Blogger.

  20. Angela,

    No luck I'm afraid? Did you remember to hit Save on the edit profile page? You have to scroll all the way to the bottom to get to the Save button - here's pic of what it should look like (the edit profile page is at

    Otherwise just paste in the link to your blog, so we can go straight there!

  21. I have done it now - i hope! Thanks for your help. Just in case not....

  22. Bingo! Success! And a lovely avatar, too.

  23. Is it too late to sign up to 23 things? i've missed things 1 and 2, but I'd like to take part if it is possible to catch up.....

  24. Amy, you're very welcome to start whenever you can. The course is 'self-paced', i.e. you can do it whenever you have the time. We're posting each Monday, but the Things will all stay up once they're posted, so you can come back to them whenever you like!

    Just register your blog on our form when you get to Thing 2 (or earlier if you have one ready and waiting).


  25. My blog posts don't seem to appear on the list which shows latest postings. Is there something I'm not doing?

  26. Hi Judith,

    It was nothing to do with you - there were a couple (!!) of errors on my part. Your posts should now appear. Thank you very much for pointing it out.


  27. My posts aren't showing either....

  28. Angela,

    They should be now. Their omission was as a result of something Judith's comment brought to my attention, which has now been (I hope) rectified.


  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. When I hover over the hot link for Thing5 or even click on it, it takes me to @smilylibrarian's blog, which is great, but do you have the right link;)

  31. Thanks for pointing this out Sarah, I have now amended to the correct link. Hope @smilylibrarian enjoyed some new visitors! ;)

  32. Dear Katie,
    When is the next course lined up? I have registered my blog as per the requirements of the course.

  33. Hi Chinmayee,
    We're just looking at the logistics of running it again officially, but in the meantime feel free to get started using the list of 23 Things.

  34. Hi - I have only just spotted this!

    Is there any chance that you will be re-running the programme in 2012 as I would love to be involved.



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