Monday, 30 April 2012

Sign up for cpd23 2012!

The 23 Things for Professional Development course is being re-run.  It started on Monday, 7 May.

The course content is mostly the same as last year: this re-run is intended for those who didn't finish last time through, and for those who didn't participate at all last year for whatever reasons.  It's not too late to start now, if you want to.

As last year, participation is open to anyone's whose interested: people working in library and information services of all ages, employment statuses, seniority, locations, and sectors. If you are new brand new to cpd23, then find out more about the programme here.

There's no compulsion to register if you want to take part - all the posts will be public, and you can complete the course in private if you wish.  However, if you register with us (you can be anonymous if you want), other participants will be able to find your blog and share their ideas with you.  In the 2011 lots of people found useful contacts in similar sectors or nearby locations.

When you sign up we ask you for your blog address: if you don't yet have a blog, there's no need to panic.  We explain how to set one up in the very first Thing, and you can register after that.  

If you registered last year and are intending to continue the course this year, please re-register now.

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments.  And don't forget to subscribe to this blog (RSS and email links are on the right-hand side), or check back weekly for each new Thing!

Friday, 13 April 2012

An award for cpd23 , and a re-run of the course

An award for cpd23: thank you!
The cpd23 team are chuffed and honoured to have been awarded a 'highly commended' runner-up certificate in the inaugural Credo Reference Digital Award for Information Literacy, awarded yesterday evening at the Librarians Information Literacy Annual Conference (LILAC). Sarah Nicholas nominated cpd23 for the award, writing:
For a unique, collaborative online programme, borne of the organisers’ enthusiasm, to have impacted on the professional development of at least 787 librarians and to have had such an expressed, lasting and fundamental effect on the professional behaviour of my colleagues compels me to seek national acknowledgement for its organisers in the form of the Credo Reference Digital Award for Information Literacy.
We are grateful to Sarah for writing such a thorough and positive nomination statement, and for collecting the certificate on our behalf last night. We're also grateful to everyone who has taken part in cpd23 so far: it's the participants that have made it such a success.

The winners of the Credo Reference Digital Award for IL award were Carol Elston, Jade Kelsall, Michelle Schneider and Lizzie Caperon (E-learning Team, Skills @Library, University of Leeds). They were nominated for their fabulous Library Guide – an online introduction to the library.You can also have a look at the super work done by the other nominees.

The return of cpd23: watch this space
Due to popular demand, we are going to embark on a structured re-run of the cpd23 course.  Starting in May (date to be confirmed), will we be re-posting all of the Things from last year.  So, if you're new to the course then this is the perfect time to start.  On the other hand, if you started last year and need a little motivation to finish, you're very welcome to join in as well. We aim to pace this re-run at a more relaxed tempo than last year, but all the old posts will remain available throughout, so you can continue to work through the Things at your own speed, too.

The full details haven't been worked out yet, but we will announce them as soon as they're finalised.