Monday 31 October 2011

Evaluation and Certificates

We hope that you've enjoyed the 23 Things for Professional Development programme, and that it's helped you to learn you things, meet new people, and/or think in new ways about how you can develop your skills and career.

We'd very much like to hear what you thought of the course - whether that's positive, negative, or in between - and would be grateful if you could complete the following anonymous survey to let us know your thoughts. All questions are optional so please complete as much or as little as you feel relevant to you. Thanks very much for your help!

Survey link:

Several people have asked if they can have a certificate to mark their completion of the course, to include in portfolios, or just as tangible evidence of their achievement. We're very happy to provide this evidence for anyone who has worked through all the things. We have decided on a deadline of Wednesday 30th November for you to register that you've completed the programme and would like a certificate. All the Things will remain available after this date, so you're very welcome to keep working through them at a slower pace if you prefer. You'll still have your own blog as evidence of having done so.

If you would like a certificate, please complete the form below when you have finished all the Things.


  1. The google link doesn't appear to be working to obtain the certificate, cn you please mend the link, or post an alternative method of getting the certificate.

    Thank you

    1. Hi, this is last year's evaluation form. If you go to the most recent post (just you'll find this year's form.


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