Monday 19 September 2011

Change in Schedule

We've been listening to feedback throughout the programme and are aware that an extra chance to catch up would be appreciated!  We've decided to change the schedule for the next few weeks, as follows:

Week 15 - (26th September) Careers 
Thing 20: Library Day in the Life and Library Routes/Roots

Week 16 - (3rd October) Promoting yourself in job applications and at interview 
Thing 21: How to identify your strengths, how to capitalise on your interests, how to write something eyecatching that meets job specs.
Thing 22: Volunteering to get experience

Week 17 - (10th October) Final reflection 
Thing 23: What have you learnt and where do you want to go from here?

We will leave the blog live after the programme has finished and we know that there are groups of people planning to start the programme later this year, so if (like me!) you've only done one or two of the Things or if you haven't even started yet feel free to keep going at your own pace.  The full list of Things is here and there is a link to them in the right-hand column of the site.  We'll all get there in the end!


  1. Thanks! This is very welcome as I'm quite a bit behind schedule but really enjoying working at my own pace. The CDP23 flexibility is much appreciated :-)
    From Jen at Squirrel Library

  2. I'm also pleased (and relieved!) the summer got away from me. Still, I'm getting a lot out of what I've been able to do.


  3. You've just said what I was about to ask, and its such good news! And that I'm not the only one who is behind. If you were going to remove the content of this once the coures is over I would miss out. And there is really useful content I would want to refer back to.

    Its absolutely brilliant that you are doing this course! I am unemployed so no way I could pay for a course. And I can do this from home.



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