Thursday 15 December 2011

Certificate progress and festive greetings

Thank you and congratulations to those of you who completed the 23 Things for Professional Development programme and submitted your details for a certificate. The team have now checked each of the submissions and those who have successfully completed all 23 things will be receiving your certificate in the next few days - certainly before Christmas so that should be a nice present! 

We'll also be analysing the data from the evaluation survey shortly, though it will remain open so please continue to complete it if you have not yet done so (we are interested in your views even if you chose not to participate, you are still working on CPD23, or you started but did not complete). We're planning to use this information to evaluate the programme, inform dissemination (the team will be presenting papers and posters at conferences, and writing articles and guest blog posts), and consider future steps such as repeating the programme at another time or developing new content. 

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the overwhelming positive response we have received since launching the programme, and to thank you for joining us and spreading the word. One participant recently spoke about CPD23 at an event and created this great Prezi (best viewed in fullscreen from More menu):

On behalf of all the organising team, we wish all participants and blog readers an enjoyable holiday season :)

On a related note, if you like the '23 Things' concept and want to get into the holiday mood, you may want to follow Festive 24 Things (blog or Twitter) for daily clues to a festive songs quiz. 

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