Sunday 10 July 2011

Could you help the cpd23 team? Calling (wannabe) techies!

In an ideal world, we'd like to be able to give out certificates of completion to everyone who finishes the cpd23 programme.  With the participant count now nearly at 700, this isn't something that we want to have to do by hand!

'Help' by LiminalMike on Flickr
'Help' by LiminalMike on Flickr
We're looking for someone with the technical know-how (or the time to amass the technical know-how) to help us implement a semi-automated system.  It's something I'd love to try and figure out myself, but lacking the time to do a proper job I've offering up the idea to any who'd like to have a go.

I envisage something a bit like this:
  1. Finishers complete a form to say they're done and would like a certificate, supplying all the necessary details.
  2. Members of the cpd23 team verify that they have really finished, and mark their entry thus.
  3. Magic happens (this is where you come in!) to convert that table of data into personalised pdfs for each completer.
The solution you find has to work in the cloud so that all the cpd23 team can easily help with the verification/help look after the rest of the process etc.

If this vague explanation piques your interest please get in touch in the comments or @cpd23 on Twitter.

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